MAVERICKS, THE - The Mavericks

Artikelnummer: MEL-279

First New Studio Album Since The Platinum-Selling 'TRAMPOLINE', Which Featured The SMASH HIT 'DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY'
Includes The Brilliant New Single 'Would You Believe'. SANCD192

Kategorie: Country / Bluegrass

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 1. I Want to Know
 2. In My Dreams 
 3. Shine Your Light 
 4. I'm Wondering 
 5. By the Time 
 6. Would You Believe 
 7. Too Lonely 
 8. Time Goes By 
 9. San Jose 
10. Because of You 
11. Air That I Breathe

Format: CD
Zustand: Neuware
Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
Label: Sanctuary Records
Anzahl Medien: 1