SUDDEN, NIKKI - Waiting On The Egypt / The Bible Belt

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Kategorie: Classic Rock

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     Disc 1:
1.Back to the Coast
     2.Knife My Heart
     3.Still Full of Shocks
     4.I'd Much Rather Be With the Boys
     5.Stuck on China
     6.Channel Steamer
     7.Ringing on My Train
     8.Curfew Island (The Low Bridge)
     9.Fashion Cult
    10.Forest Fire
    11.New York
    12.Johnny Smiled Slowly
    13.All the Gold
14.Back to the Start
    15.Waiting for the Siege
    16.Looking Out
    18.Opium Pits
    19.Act Together
     Disc 2:
1.Gold Painted Nails
     2.English Girls
     4.Chelsea Embankment
     5.Bethlehem Castle
     6.Road of Broken Dreams
     7.Six Hip Princes
     8.Out of Egypt
     9.Angels Are Calling
    10.Missionary Boy
    11.Only Boy in Heaven
    12.Cheyne Walk
    13.Gold Painted Nails (Vocal )
    14.Six Hip Princes (Version)
    15.Missionary Boy (NS Vocal)
    16.Angels Are Calling (Instr.)


Format: CD
Zustand: Neuware
Erscheinungsjahr: 2001
Label: Secretly Canadian
Anzahl Medien: 1