BLOSSOM TOES - We Are Ever So Clean

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Numbered Limited Edition,  Mini-LP Gatefold Sleeve, Full Colour Booklet

Kategorie: Classic Rock

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One Side
1. Look At Me I'm You  
2. I'll Be Late For Tea  
3. The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog  
4. Telegram Tuesday  
5. Love Is  
6. What's It For?  
7. People Of The Royal Parks  

The Other Side
8. What On Earth  
9. Mrs. Murphy's Budgerigar  
10. I Will Bring You This And That  
11. Mister Watchmaker  
12. When The Alarm Clock Rings  
13. The Intrepid Balloonist's Handbook, Vol. 1  
14. You  
15. Track For Speedy Freaks (Or Instant Lp Digest)  
Bonus Tracks
16. Everybody's Talking (Lp Out-Take)  
17. Look At Me I'm You (Instrumental Track)  
18. I'll Be Late For Tea (Instrumental Track)  
19. Mister Watchmaker (Live)  
20. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (45 A-Side)  
21. Jim Cregan Interview  
22. Love Is (Live)  
23. Collects Little Girls (Demo)  
24. Hometime (Demo)  
25. Looking Up I'm Looking Back (Demo)  

Format: CD Digipak
Zustand: Neuware
Label: Sunbeam Masters
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